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CURRENT SUPPLY LIST of NEEDED ITEMS for the animals in our care in ABQ and those animals waiting on our help still to come

  • Dry Puppy or Adult Dog Food - has one real meat listed as the 1st ingredient such as "Beef" or "Chicken" rather than "chicken meal" or "corn", etc.
  • Can Puppy Food or Adult Dog Food
  • Puppy pads or human incontinence pads (wee pads for pups)
  • Dog Rawhide Chews or other dog treats (not made in China)
  • Hooves, antlers and large/strong toys for adult dogs
  • Clorox type wipes (non-bleach)
  • Leashes (1” wide regular flat - 4' and 6' lengths)
  • Dog Collars – small and medium sizes
  • Non-squeaker toys with no stuffing such as balls and rope toys for pups
  • BIGGEST CURRENT NEED: Gift Cards sent via email to from Home Depot, Sam’s Club or Walmart
  • HP printer ink (63)
  • Used clean towels, blankets and bedding
  • Bleach – non-concentrated (not easy to find but Walmart sells – look for green colored bottles)
  • 4 gallon and 13 gallon trash bags
  • Paper towels


Drop off during an upcoming Canine Café event or send an email to


Thank you in advance for your kindness!