NM: Albuquerque

Our current space in ABQ is undergoing some long overdue repairs. In the meantime, we are accepting/reviewing foster applications (for those not yet ready to adopt) as well as foster to adopt applications, completing home visits and scheduling meet and greets 7 days/week. Learn about some of our adoptables by visiting


We are currently searching for additional Canine Cafe Pop-Up & Permanent location partners in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas. Below is what is needed:

Canine Cafe Pop-Up locations are temporary event locations to help approved homeless pups & dogs find their happily ever afters. It requires a minimum of 1,000 sqft of indoor or outdoor open space and takes approximately 1 week for a pop-up location to complete a temporary build out, load in supplies, equipment and decor, assess pups & dogs for participation, train staff & volunteers and complete a 1 or 2 day Canine Cafe adoption event. We are seeking a low-cost option, partnership with an existing local business or use of temporary donated space. If you may have a space to offer or your company may wish to sponsor such an event, please send an email to THANK YOU!

Depending on location size and resources available, Canine Cafe permanent locations may run the full Canine Cafe program including but not lmited to puppy/dog whole dog care and adoption prep, training and behavior programs, adoptions and post-adoption support services, pet guardian support & education, shelter surrender prevention (keeping pets in their current homes or rehoming assistance where needed), job and entreprenuership training, public dog playgroups, internships and animal welfare professional development opptys as well as location volunteer & staff training.

Permanent locations require a minimum of 5,000 sqft of indoor space + some amount of outdoor space and typically also requires funding for rent, utilities, build out, supplies and adequate animal care staff in order to be open 7 days/week. We are seeking a low-cost lease option, partnership with an existing local business or use of donated space. If you may a space to offer or your company may wish to sponsor such a project, please send an email to for additional information. THANK YOU!