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Project History

Back in 2016, a group of volunteers working with a leading canine behavior expert began to identify a few missing links in a homeless dog's journey from 'Forgotten to Forever Friend'. What the volunteers hadn't realized at that time was that the prior 4 years of their work and training was leading them to this exact moment and that their path to companion animal lifesaving for at-risk shelter dogs had only just scratched the surface of what was possible!

High 5 for Helping Dogs in Need!

How to Help: Volunteer-Foster-Adopt-Donate an Item-Sponsor a Dog in Need

This volunteer driven project currently operates with no paid staff hence the reduced speed of development. We do realize the size and nature of each project location does require paid staff sooner than later to ensure maximum success and sustainability. Your help as a volunteer, foster, adopter, donor or sponsor will help us reach our full lifesaving potential for a larger number of at-risk shelter puppies and adult dogs in the communities which host a Canine Cafe location.


Current Canine Cafe Locations & Those In Development

Get involved with a project location near you!


On the Road to YOU! Canine Cafe Pop-Up Road Trip Announcement!

We have a Canine Cafe pop-up road trip in the works for communities that may want to do a test run of this cage free dog adoption center model. For several communities that have alredy expressed interest in bringing the Canine Cafe dog adoption project to their communities for the long term, the pop-up will provide hands on training in lieu of a standard volunteer training. Since we began the project, we've learned that this cage free interactive dog adoption project has the potential to get approximately 60% of the impounded dog population out...literally. The idea for the pop-ups comes courtesy of a Canine Cafe project start-up volunteer in the San Francisco bay area who insisted "anything else would just be boring" 😁 We couldn't really argue so if you may want our Canine Cafe dog adoption project to "pop up" in your town, please send us an email and we'll get something out to you with more info.  WOOF!